Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Free Tech Support for your computer problems

Welcome to Free Tech Support.........Imaging you have a computer related problem and need help resolving it... Would it be great to have someone to help you solve the problem. Free Tech Support is right by your side no matter where you are.
A Free Tech Support agent is able to remotely help you fix the problem while you watch. Begin by submiting your computer related question including the "Name and Model" of your scanner, copier, computer or laptop. For remote service you will be ask to allow a connection per Microsoft Remote Connection by sending a e-mail from you computer or laptop. Sometimes the Free Tech support agent can help you just by responding to your e-mail, but some problems are more complicated so the Free Tech Support may ask you to share your desktop connection and take care of your computer related problem.

Send complete information about your computer problem including the Name and Model to: